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Doppo Orochi (愚地 独歩) is a 10th Dan Karate Grandmaster and head  of the Shinshinkai Karate-Dan (Style based off of the real fighting style of Kyokushin Karate.) He is the adopted father of Katsumi Orochi. Sensei to Katsumi Orochi, Katou Kyosumi and Suedou Atsushi.


Doppo Orochi is a large and muscular man of average height. He has a bald head with two scars on his head one on his right (near cheek) and left side (near ear) of his face during his short fight from Yujiro Hanma due to being intoxicated at a bar. He is usally seen wearing his trademark black shade sunglasses.

After his fight with Yujiro; Doppo wears an eye patch on his right eye from being gouged out by Yujiro. 

During his fight with Dorian; Doppo has his face blown up by Dorian's hand implanted bomb resulting in Doppo's face being heavily scarred.

Doppo's casual attire is him usually wearing a light or lime green suit, white button shirt underneath and black tie along with a pair of black sunglasses.

When in combat or training Doppo wears the tradtional Karate gi with the sleeves rolled up. The kanji "Shinshinkai" emblazoned on the right side of his gi and the kanji "Director" on the back of his collar signifying his role as Director of the Shinshinkai Dojo.   

When Doppo was champion of the underground fighting tournament hosted by Mitsunari Tokugawa; Doppo wore only a pair of shorts with a leather belt from which Katsumi recognized from the Tale of Doppo Orochi the Tiger Killer story.  


Doppo is shown as a strong, proud, wise and caring man he takes his role as Director and founder of Shinshinkai Karate very seriously going as far as to close the dojo forever due to a promise he made to his students and himself saying he would never lose to anyone ever again and reflects when he got bullied on as a child.

He has a brave "no step down" charateristic about him when it comes to fighting going as far as to fight a siberian tiger in his younger days and even admits that was a bit foolish of him but earning him one of his many nicknames the "Tiger Killer". He also believes in his karate style that their is no such thing as a step back or running away shown when he fights Yujiro Hanma or a siberian tiger.

Despite his fearsome role as a Tiger Killer, Man Eater and God Hand he has shown to have a caring side to him seen when his wife Natsuki worries about her husbands fight with the King of Beast Yujiro or in the ultimate underground tournament he in turns comforts his wife saying he won't ever lose to anyone ever again and that he would turn the golden champion belt into jewelry for her when he wins. Another example is shown when he faces off with Dorian when he stops his son from fighting the convict saying "its my duty as founder of the Shinshinkai karate dojo to fight him" when in truth he was just concerned for the safety of his son. He even lets Kato leave a hospital just to give Dorian the final hit for closure.

Abilities/ PowerEdit

Doppo being a 10th Dan and grandmaster in Karate has shown acceptional and extraodinary skills and combat abilities to which Baki describes as fearsome and strong and would hate to challenge him. Doppo trains and practices his techniques everyday at least a thousand times a day.

As founder and practiconer of Shinshinkai style of Karate Doppo has shown above human strength and skill such as flipping a large man hole cover with one hand while being sealed inside a large concrete pipe and reducing it to dust with his hands and feet. Dorian recalls rumors and tales of Doppo being able to uproot large trees with his fist and slay a tiger with his bare hands another testament to his skills. 

Doppo trains and practices his techniques a thousand times a day and has monthly spars with his top students. He demonstrates by practicing Tai Chi Shadow Boxing with Baki. Kato and Katsumi to which they all noted seem impossible to fight him in actual combat. During a demonstation to his students he was able to chop concrete, stone, ice and a piece of steel wire in half. He also practices his kata (forms) underneath a large waterfall to sharpen and condition his mind and body.

History  Edit

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