Chiharu Shiba (柴 千春, Shiba Chiharu?) - Voiced by: Tomohiro Nishimura. Leader of the Kurenai racing gangs, he is a street fighter that doesn't seem to feel pain. He fights Hatanaka Kouhei in round 1 where he severely breaks his own arm as a form of intimidation before viciously beating Kouhei. In round 2 he fights Ian McGregor with shadow bonding and nearly defeats the boxer. Shiba is knocked out but wins by disqualification when Mcgregor's second leaps into the arena to stop the fight. Though he wins Chiharu is unable to continue due to head injury. He is replaced by Andreanof Garland who proceeds to throw him through the ceiling after a disgruntled Shiba confronts him and demands to know why he's being replaced by Andre in the tournament. After recovering from that, he is struck in the throat by Jack Hammer and knocked out. He's last shown (still injured), riding with his gang. Shiba makes a surprise return in the Son of Ogre series. At the request of Hanayama Kaoru, Shiba is to be Baki's training partner for the upcoming fight with Yujiro. Kaoru says Shiba must be Baki's partner because Shiba is weak. Baki is reluctant to fight Shiba at first, but finds a reason of his own when Shiba keeps on attacking him at various times throughout the daye